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Suna, Evie, Sheepie, Tak-Tak and The Crawling Claw

I find it intriguing how the actual storyline and events of the game get lost in the “arms” race of getting better gear,weapons and achievements. It certainly seems that the continual endless debate and “discussion” is solely focused upon gear. … Continue reading

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What A Wonderful World of Warcraft

Had a fun week in WoW, but that pretty much always goes without saying. If it isn’t fun, then why play right? This is a season when there should be an abundance of joy, peace and most importantly love. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Likes/Dislikes and The Minfernal Pet

Mop has been out now for quite a while, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect upon the various aspects that I have really enjoyed, as well as those few areas that I am none too … Continue reading

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oQueue Add-on A Must!

Some months back, I wrote a post entitled PvP Horde Heaven, where I shared my pvp experiences playing with other like minded Horde by way of an add on called PreformAV. Let me tell you, it was pure, unadulterated Horde … Continue reading

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One Horde, One Alliance

What I find so interesting about this expansion is the fact that even though it has been out for quite a while now, it still feels very “fresh” to me. I still have yet to complete all of the zone … Continue reading

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I am a Sucker for Dogs (and My Friend Grizz is Too Cute)

As an animal lover, especially dogs, one quest that I recently came across within the came totally tugged my heart! I was knocking out the daily Tillers, when as I was flying over the farmlands I noticed my mini map … Continue reading

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MOP Beta: Warrior Class Thoughts and Then Some

With each new beta build that is released, Mists of Panderia is coming along swimmingly. I certainly am looking forward to this expansion, for my hope is that it will give WoW the much needed shot in the arm that … Continue reading

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Funny and True! WoW Machinima Vid: Mists of Pandaria Beta is Not a Joke

Crendor, who is one of my favorite makers WoW machinima videos has released another one. What I enjoy so much about his vids is that they really do capture the essence of many of the flavor and characteristics of players … Continue reading

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Screenshots of The Jade Forrest

As I have been traveling around the starting zone of the Jade Forrest, I have been taking screen shots of different locations and environmental landscapes which I thought were not only aesthetically pleasing, but way super cool too! Here are … Continue reading

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MoP Beta: First Warrior Tanking Impressions

Blizzard released a new beta patch and with it, I thought it was time to give tanking a short little test drive to see how it feels with the new changes. The Protection talents I went with were: Warbringer, Impending … Continue reading

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