The Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent and Grand Expedition Yak Mounts

With the release of every expansion, I take some time to think out my approach to the new content, as well as the the various unique drops such as mounts, fun items, and now non combat pets. I really enjoy questing and making my way through the particular zone that I find myself adventuring in, so I am not one of those who rushes through the content to reach the maxed out level, so as to then go all “hardcore out” in terms of raiding or pvp/arena.

For me, it is the storyline and lore that really engrosses me in terms of WoW, so I take my time to read through every quest write up and what the various npc’s have to say and relate. It is only after I have cleared out all the quests for a particular zone that I would then move on to the next zone and new quests available. Once that is all completed in terms of the total zones of the new expansion, then I go about getting into raiding and pvp/arena.

Once those “end game” aspects are well worked on, where as I have decent gear and whatnot, I then go about pursuing the various unique mounts, fun items and pets. For example, during the Lich King expansion, it was the ever rare and illusive Time-Lost Proto drake that I patiently hunted for every day, until finally I was able to obtain him. To me, that is fun! It is all about the thrill of the hunt!

Within the current Mists expansion, there are a few mounts that I have been working towards. Two of them I have secured, one is still allusive, though I imagine he will be mine soon enough given some time and luck. The two that I went for and now have are the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent and the Grand Expedition Yak. The Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent was quite the challenge, which I obviously enjoy. You must first obtain a total of ten Skyshards which you combine to form a single Sky Crystal, which then allows you to remove the intolerable bubble surrounding Alani, the Ruby Cloud Serpent flying over the Eternal Vale. Obtaining this beautiful mount is not for the fainthearted, for it will take much time and a lot of effort to gain all ten Skyshards. Though once you do, you will be rewarded with your very own way super gnarly Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent.

The good thing about going for the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent first is that you will make a lot of gold through the mob drops that you take out in order to try to acquire the Skyshards. A tremendous amount of gold is needed in order to purchase the big, fluffy and lovable Grand Expedition Yak! You can purchase him from Uncle Bigpocket, a very kindly Grummy who will let you him for $108,000 gold if you have the Guild Perk Bartering. While it sounds like an astronomical amount of gold, it will come fast enough by way of doing both your regular zone quests, as well as daily quests. Also, all of the mob npc’s that drop loot will fill your purse with an abundance of gold, so just be patient and don’t go buying items on the Action House. In no time, you will have enough gold to purchase your very own fetching and adorable Grand Expedition Yak.

Just as an aside, I love the Grummies. Something about them makes me always smile and puts me in a good mood when I come across them. I very much really find them a fun and cool addition to the feel and vibe of the world. There is a music video by WoWCrendor, called the Luckydo Rap, which is so full of win!

So go get your own Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent and Grand Expedition Yak. It is so worth it! Good luck and may the Earth Mother bless and keep you!










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