Bloodhoof Brigands Guild

Kern and Grizz PvPing1

My Wow guild that I am the Guild Leader is called Bloodhoof Brigands on Sisters of Elune. We are a Horde guild that is made up of mostly older players who seek a more mature atmosphere that is casually focused upon PvE and PvP.

The BB guild info on the in game guild menu:

Bloodhoof Brigands is home to Mulgore’s infamous band of roughnecks and ruffians…where as they may not be the most appealing in their charms and delightful in looks, these resourceful and unwavering band of Horde seek out plunder, combat and most prized of all the merriment of misadventures

Here is a link to the Bloodhoof Brigands Guild page on the WoW Guild Guide section: