A Game Tip I Didn’t Know!

Even though I have been playing WoW for a long, long time, I am still learning things in terms of how to better play my class, nuances in terms of game play, as well as those little aspects of the game that seem obvious to all, though they are in truth not readily know.

A prime and perfect example of this is something that I learned earlier this week from my buddy Tabarnac, who rocks in PvP and Arena let me tell you! Unbeknownst to me, you can have up to three “currencies” showing up in your primary backpack, where your gold is “stored” and shown. I never knew this! Did you know this? Holy Moo Moo!

Tabarnac gave the simple instructions on how to make them show up and in no time at all, I added PvP honor, Conquest and Warforged Seals.

It is super simple! Here is how you do it…

1. Open your Currency tab

2. Left Click upon the particular Currency you would like to show up in your Primary Backpace.

3. You may choose up to three Currencies.

Now, if you just want to quickly view how much of any particular currency you have acquired, it is just as easy as clicking upon your primary backpack!

How cool is that!

Currency Options1

Currency Options2

Currency Options4

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