Warlords of Draenor Release Day

Today is the release of Warlords of Draenor. I am totally excited that it has finally been released, and am very much on board with the storyline and the direction that WoW has taken with this new chapter of the lore and overall narrative.

It has been five months since I have posted anything new here, for that I apologize to those ¬†who come to the site and enjoy my “Kernhoofian” take on things.

Suffice to say that events in my life have been unfolding in a manner which has been both awesome, uncharted and allowing for greater possibilities for not only forward movement personal growth, but also for personal growth.

I have my Collectors Edition of WoD on its way, which I can’t wait to have arrive so I can go through the newly opened portal and take the fight to the Iron Horde.

With that in mind, I will come back over the weekend and sit down and write out a much longer and more detailed post covering some of the aspects from the last five months and how they have fit into gaming/Warcraft for me.

Until then…

Lets take up arms to battle the Iron Horde!!!!!


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