oQueue Add-on A Must!

Some months back, I wrote a post entitled PvP Horde Heaven, where I shared my pvp experiences playing with other like minded Horde by way of an add on called PreformAV. Let me tell you, it was pure, unadulterated Horde PvP bliss! As I mentioned in the previous article, it put the fun back into pvp for the simple reason that it allowed for like minded players to gather together and so work as a unified, coherent band of Horde players seeking to not only thrash the Alliance, but to actually win a battleground!

While I fully support the features that Blizzard has in place to allow a broad range of players to easily assemble and get down to actually pvping, the downside unfortunately is that players who are more serious minded about their pvp experience are by the nature of the game mechanics, more often than not thrown in with those who are less than desirable to play with. This is not to come across as one who is a pvp elitist, for those who know me would be the first to declare that I am not in the least an elitist. Regrettably, I have had my share of experiences with running with those particular “toolish” individuals who sadly are just that, where as they customarily end up on my ignore list. So with those reasons in mind, that is why I am so elated to have stumbled upon this article.

Speaking of pvp add ons, another one that I have since come across that has opened up even further pvp avenues of gameplay is called oQueue. I can not stress enough how welcomed this add on is, nor how truly awesome, dare I say enjoyable it makes pvping! It is exactly the type of add on that I have dreamed of for my many years of playing, where as it allows one to easily find other dedicated Horde (and Alliance) pvpers to group up with and spend time actually reveling in battle! Imagine that! Earth Mother be blessed!

The creator and adept programer of this particular add on is Tinystomper. I have had the pleasure to not only get to know him but quite a few other really amiable and cool players, who I since added on my friends list. If you get a chance to speak with Tiny, you will find him to be quite thoughtful, unassuming and supportive. As one who is “new” to this particular community of players, I was made to feel very at home and at ease. They had no clue who I was, they don’t know Kern. Tiny, along with several others noted players really have made this whole pvp experience fun again by way of their kindness and openness to others.

I have to share this little anecdotal moment that happened last night. While I was in the midst of a pvp fight, I happened to send Tiny a tell mentioning that I wanted to write about oQueue. Of course my toon was standing there idle, when I hear over vent, “the warrior Kernhoof seems to be afk, are you there Kernhoof?” Busted! Tiny sent a tell saying that I need to focus upon the bg at hand, rather than message him including a ­čśŤ symbol at the end. ┬áResponding immediately that I was in fact there, just that I had a private message to deal with, I promptly charged the nearest Alliance and proceeded to lay the smack down.┬áBad Kern, no waffles!

So if you are looking for an environment where you can pvp to your hearts content with other likeminded players, then definitely give oQueue and PreformAV a try. One last note that needs to be mentioned is the massive public vent server which allows for all of the players to communicate with ease. Check out WoW Public Vent. What is really nifty about this vent server is that it is totally free!

It goes without saying that it is always good karma to kick a few bucks to help show your support for these great add ons and vent service.

Hope to see you in the battlegrounds!

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  1. Charissa says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > oQueue add-on A Must!
    | Kernhoof’s WoW Blog < Liked it!

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