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In all my time playing WoW, one of the aspects of gameplay that I have enjoyed the most is the challenge and unpredictability of playing against other live players in PvP. There is nothing so satisfying as playing a warrior (those who play the class know what I am talking about here) and being able to best my opponent. When that happened, not only do I relish the hard won fight, I always make sure to also “Dink” em with my Flag of Ownership!

There are a lot of memorable moments I can think back upon over the years of PvP, like the first time I ever entered Alterac Valley and having no clue as to what I was to do, feeling completely overwhelemd by the scope and scale of what the AV battleground was at the time. Back in the day of “Vanilla” WoW, a PvP match between Horde and Alliance could last anywhere between five to seven hours! I remember waking up on a Saturday morning, getting into an AV match and then after around three hours logging out to grab some lunch. I logged back into WoW later that afternoon and the battle was still going! Unfortunelty, those days of classic AV are no more, thought I hope that the dev’s may bring back some of the glory and grandeur of classic AV.

Over the years there has been implemented various changes and adaptations to the PvP system. Like anything, there are modifications and alterations that I agree with and others that make me a sad Tauren. In some future post, I will have to expand upon those different aspects. For now, I want to share with you a little slice Horde PvP heaven that I came across earlier in the week thanks to WoW Insider. The article that caught my attention is entitled Rage Against the Zerg: Horde premades sew up Alterac Valley with vicious Rath Strat. I was very much intrigued by this, for the Horde of late is certainly not the Horde of old in terms of PvP skill and fervor. Truth be told, I sold my PvP gear a couple of weeks back thinking I wasn’t going to bother with the battlegrounds until I was level 90 in MoP, so why not make some bag space and sell my gear for gold. Yes, I actually sold gear! My guildies were in shock as well. So in summarizing this article, long story short there is a group of Horde players that have an open, cross server player bases that PvPs together. My prayers seemed to have been answered in terms of actually being able to play with a good group,while having a good potential of actually winning a match. Knowing that sometimes some things that seems so good are not necessarily so in reality, I defiantly had to look into this and find out if it truly was something that I would enjoy and that it would be a good mesh for myself.

Within the article, it mentions that for one to be able to partake in the PvP group there are some basic requirements such as having Vent, a mod that help with being able to que with the group and a most central a good, patient attitude. I went and downloaded the mod and pointed my Vent to the particular server. Spending some time just “lurking” in their Vent channel, I managed to gain a feel for the players present. I was pleasently surprised to learn that they didn’t tolerate the typical sophomoric language and conversations that are far too often the bane of most Vent channels. Also refreshing was the fact that everyone seemed closer to my age. I noticed one of the “admins” was within another channel, so I popped in and introduced myself to him. He was totally cool and welcoming, taking the time to answer several questions I had in order to get a better feel for everything . Afterwards, I went back down to the PvP channel and after a bit was able to get into a group for some PvP goodness.

Suffice to say. in the few days of running with everyone, I have really enjoyed myself. Not only did we win every single match we played, some of which were against other pre made groups, but more importantly, I have met some really groovy players who are both kind, fun and very skilled at PvP. So if you are interested beating down some Alliance with some very friendly and knowledgeable players, then I enthusiastically recommend taking the plunge and coming along for some good, old fashion PvPing!

(On a side note, Life Grip rocks! At one point, I was stuck between a wall and a chair and was unable to move. A kindly Priest took piety on me and was able to free me from my predicament. Time to hoof it at the gym!)

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