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Suna, Evie, Sheepie, Tak-Tak and The Crawling Claw

I find it intriguing how the actual storyline and events of the game get lost in the “arms” race of getting better gear,weapons and achievements. It certainly seems that the continual endless debate and “discussion” is solely focused upon gear. … Continue reading

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PvP Horde Heaven

In all my time playing WoW, one of the aspects of gameplay that I have enjoyed the most is the challenge and unpredictability of playing against other live players in PvP. There is nothing so satisfying as playing a warrior … Continue reading

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When Kern Goes Bad

Sometimes it happens. You don’t mean it to, but it does. You feel truly sorry for the pain inflicted and the mayhem caused. But what can one do? You get “mind controlled” and BAM, you’ve gone bad! It’s not your … Continue reading

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The Goodness of Gamers

In all my time playing WoW, one statement that I have always said and which I find to be utterly spot on truth in terms of MMO’s is this, “the worst thing about an MMO are the player, while the … Continue reading

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Old Skool Raid on Ironforge

Here is a vid that my RL friend Cilos made years ago when we went to Ironforge to kick a$$!!!! Before the luxury of having the guild rank 25 spell “Have Group Will Travel“, you only had two option in … Continue reading

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MoP Beta: First Warrior Tanking Impressions

Blizzard released a new beta patch and with it, I thought it was time to give tanking a short little test drive to see how it feels with the new changes. The Protection talents I went with were: Warbringer, Impending … Continue reading

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MoP Beta Warrior Class Impressions

Having been fortunate enough to be chosen to be one of the first to try the MoP beta, I have to say that I am very excited! I was able to take part in every beta thus far, starting with … Continue reading

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Mess With The Bull…

One aspect about playing a warrior is that one must recognize the inherent disadvantage that the class has in terms of one vs one play. It is a very bitter truth to swallow, but a truth nonetheless. So for all … Continue reading

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Hand of A’dal For Realz!!!!!!

As I have goals in real life, I too have goals in WoW.¬†One thing that I have learned over the course of playing WoW is to never give up if there is a goal you really want to obtain. Much … Continue reading

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The Look I Like

One of the newest aspects of WoW that I really enjoy and very happy that they added to the game is that of Transmogrification. To breaks down what it is in the simplest manner of explanation is that a player … Continue reading

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