Hand of A’dal For Realz!!!!!!

As I have goals in real life, I too have goals in WoW. One thing that I have learned over the course of playing WoW is to never give up if there is a goal you really want to obtain. Much like going for a goal in real life, it takes determination, patience, work and a little bit of luck. There are a whole host of WoW goals that I have had over the course of the seven years of playing the game. Most of them I accomplished and a few that I have yet to.

One of the WoW goals I had way back when in the Burning Crusades expansion was to obtain the title Hand of A’dal. It was a very long and arduous quest chain, after which the player would be rewarded the title “Hand of A’dal”. Who is A’dal you ask? Well, put simply he is a very powerful good guy, a being of pure light/energy who asks players to go out and help fight the bad guys. There are some pretty funny stories of players kiting different powerful monster to him and seeing who will win. The first few times this happened A’dal was beaten down shamefully! However, the dev’s soon changed our ever benevolent being of pure light/energy and made him the most powerful NPC in the game. Pretty soon he was laying the smack down on the different monsters that players were kitting to him. There are some fun videos of this out there still on You Tube.

With that little backstory given, I started the quest chain for the title some four years ago. I don’t consider myself a “hardcore player”, more of a “hardcore casual”. What I mean by this is that I like to go at my own pace and go about playing WoW in my own manner. I like to stop and smell the peacebloom. Now, one of the aspects of this particular quest chain was that you had to go into some difficult raids and down some very challenging bosses. Since my guild was not a “hard core raid guild” that made for a bit of task to get some portions of the quest chain completed. One solution as that I would go with some other guilds as a guest on their run and thus with their assistance I would finish that particular portion of the quest and move onto the next part.

Things were slowly moving along, then Wrath of the Lich King happened! What that meant was that finishing the Hand of A’dal quest and obtaining the title was removed! The reasoning was that since players would become a higher level and thus more powerful, then completing such a quest would become too easy. So with that they removed the title and the quest. I was crestfallen! All that work for not. I was pretty disappointed as you can imagine. When I was within the beta of the WLK, just about every beta tester had acquired that title and was displaying it as a badge of honor. “Oh well” I thought, I tried and just didn’t finish it in time. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t, such is life.

So with that I went on to enjoy the new Lich King expansion and had a lot of fun misadventures. One thing though, I never did delete my Hand of A’dal quest chain from my quest log. Even though the title and the achievement were no longer obtainable, nevertheless I thought it would be good to see it through and finish it. So over the course of four years, I would work on the different components of the quest off and on.

It was just a couple of weeks back that I finally was on the last part of the quest chain, where I was to help secure entrance to the Black Temple! I was given the quest to help Akama defeat a nasty, powerful demon and help him get inside. So I went through the quest and was beating down the demon, after which this happened…


Forgive me for being “Captain Obvious”, but you will notice in the last screenshot that I somehow managed to acquire the title “Hand of A’dal”, as well as gain the feat of strength for completing the quest chain. I was completely befuddled and mystified as to how that could be, since they removed it from the game???!!!! I sat looking at my computer screen for several minutes not believing what just transpired. I then went onto the web and did a search as to the reason why I was somehow still eligible for the title/achievement. Sure enough something that I was not aware of for the last four years was the fact that a GM stated that if a player was already completed a certain portion of the quest chain that the title and achievement were still obtainable. Holy Moo Moo!!!!! Somehow I was never aware of that post by a Gm and blissfully went on my merry way of working on the quest chain for four years without any sense that int he end I would in fact be award the title and achievement. WOW Indeed!!!!

So there you go, just proves the old adage to never give up and that it can be done!!!!!


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