Suna, Evie, Sheepie, Tak-Tak and The Crawling Claw

I find it intriguing how the actual storyline and events of the game get lost in the “arms” race of getting better gear,weapons and achievements. It certainly seems that the continual endless debate and “discussion” is solely focused upon gear. I wonder how many players actually quest, let alone how many truly read what the quest description/write up is. I certainly hope many do, for you can tell that a lot of thought and care goes into crafting the overall narrative, as well as the particular, individual story threads.

Three separate quests lines really highlighted for me how good the storytelling is of this expansion. The first dealt with Suna, who is out on the front lines with her husband sacrificing everything to allow others the enjoyment of hearth and home. With her husband missing and more than likely captured, she pleads for your toon to go find out what happened to him and if possible to bring him back safely. You find out a bitter truth that sometimes bad things happen to good Pandarian. Then, if you think that is sad (which it is) eventually you will come across Chen Stormstout who is out and about looking for his long lost family relations. Get the tissue out for this one, for you probably already guessed correctly, one of them is felled. Poor Evie! Don’t even get my started on Sheepie!

So while most players are running around like crazed ooken cookers, there is a vast, exhaustive stories taking place all throughout Panderia. With reports being released relating how we have become such an impatient culture, I sure hope that those who are responsible for the storyline, quests and lore of WoW know that there are those of us out and about who very much enjoy this particular aspect of the game. I know I can’t be the only one who reads every quest, so as to be immersed within the story.

As far as story lines goes, the Dominance Offensive is good stuff! I hate the Alliance as much as any member of the Horde should, so it goes without saying that I am quite disposed to taking the fight to them. In terms of the narrative of the Dominance Offensive, the proverbial poop is going to hit the zep! I certainly don’t want to give away any spoilers here, but let me just say that I bet a certain troll leader is going to have some payback for a certain¬†Warchief! One subtle nuance that I really enjoy is that of the npc Tak-Tak, who acts as a taxi service when called upon to deliver your toon to certain locations. What is fun about Tak-Tak is how he provides an overview as to what is currently transpiring in terms of the current events in a very down-to-Azeroth Hozen manner. Is it too soon to promote Tak-Tak for Warchief?

Lastly, after years of digging in the dirt, I finally was able to obtain the Crawling Claw! What a wickedly cool non combat pet! One of the little Easter eggs for this pet is that if there is another one that is close by, the two will have a “rock, paper, scissors” game. How rad is that!

If by some happy chance one of the storyline/quest team happens to be reading this post, let me finish by saying how much I have thoroughly enjoyed the many quests throughout the game and raise a hefty Panderian mug of Stormstout!

Suna's Tears1


Evie Loss1


Dominance Offensive1


Crawling Claw1


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One Response to Suna, Evie, Sheepie, Tak-Tak and The Crawling Claw

  1. Christian says:

    dude, just randomly pppeod in here and i really like your vids! kudos man. about that lore thing, tried it myself but didnt have the patience. i disabled instant quest text so id had to read it all but didnt take long before i enabled it again. im was loremaster before EK and kalimdor were split up but despite really liking the lore and stuff i really got disappointed when that really important captain i just killed just respawned. well well, keep up the good work!

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