Ricola and The Lost Cub Riddle

Can it truly be 2013???!!! It seems only last week that it was still 2012! Sorry, could not resists, one of my senior officers of the guild and longtime buddy Leegh tossed that out this morning when we were in Vent. It was too good to not pass along and share!

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful, peace filled and safe holiday. While I had a very lovely Christmas holiday, this past week I have been hit with a horrid flu! it goes without saying that being sick is not fun and having a wickedly painful sore throat certainly is not one of the most enjoyable ways to ring in the new year. Fortunately, I had a full supply of Ricola’s and have been able to get plenty or rest.

I figure next week to get back on track with a new blog post, but until then why not have some fun searching for a lost cub and gain the chance to win a Spectral Kitten Loot Card!

Click on the link here which will take you to Drrum’s WoW Blog that has all of the 411 on it! She has a great blog page with wonderful pics of her pets and armor sets to match!

Enjoy and stay away from this nasty flu going around!


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