Needed Arms Warrior Changes

The one class in the game that I have always played and have always loved is that of the Arms Warrior. Wielding a massive two handed sword charging into battle is all I ever wanted to do, especially after seeing and playing the Blademaster from Warcraft 3! There have been numerous times where playing my Warrior has felt epically awesome, where as other times, it has been the morose of utter sadness!

The reason can be found in the various class changes that has altered and changed the class over the years. So while after all of these many Azerothian moons and many revisions to the Warrior class, I still proudly stand as an Arms Warrior after many have rerolled to other classes. Simply put, being an Arms Warrior makes me happy when I play WoW.

That is not to say that I don’t think there should be certain aspects of the class or particular talents and abilities that need to be addressed and modified. Just the opposite! Currently, there are quite a few adjustments that I believe would certainly improve the feel and playability of our class, let alone instill some more “fun” mojo into it. So having said that, here is a simple list of alterations I would really like to see for the Arms Warrior that are within the current test build:


1. Bladestorm-increase weapon damage to 150%, immune to disarm (Give it some teeth!)

2. Heroic Throw-increase damage, needs a fun factor to it at least

3. Intimidating Shout-remove having to have a targeted enemy

4. Mortal Strike-increase damage, lower the cool down to 5 seconds, (it just still feels weak and ineffective)

5. Overpower-remove the rage cost

6. Shattering Throw-reduce the casting time and cooldown

7. Slam-reduce the rage cost

8. Spell Reflect-remove shield requirement

9. Sunder Armor-allow Colossus Smash to provide Weakened Armor inherently/remove Sunder Armor

10. War Banner-Allow for the Skull and Demoralizing Banners to be placed upon the back of the Warrior, similar to the Blastmaster stylization

11. Second Wind-restore it to allow for health region while stunned

12. Enraged Regenration-baseline for all Warriors

13. Change the Slam/Revenge for Taruen Warrior animation, it just does not visually look visually appealing. Simply put it looks lame. Sorry to have to say that, for whoever worked really hard to make that animation, but it just does not work. Needs to be changed.

14. Allow Arms Warriors to duel wield for RP/Fun…we should be able to equip our Twin Blades of Azzinoth, and or other weapons that we have in our collection.

Lastly, Taruen radical-enable plains running!

(I won’t even mention how beyond awesome it would be if Warriors had the the Wind Walk and Mirror Image abilities! HA!)







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