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Happy Valentines Day and AV Getting Some Love???!!!!

Kudos to Blizzard! I learned a few days back that there are changes to AV that are within the current PTR. One of the “unofficial” changes that has been made has to do with the Horde base, whereby the Alliance … Continue reading

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AV Balanced? I Think Not

PvP is one of of the aspects of playing Warcraft that I really enjoy a lot. Sadly, it is not something that I have done much within this current expansion. Mainly because I have been focused playing more through the … Continue reading

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WoW Loyalty Program For Long Standing Players

A few days ago, I came across an article on WoW Insider entitled Should WoW have a customer loyalty program?, which gave me some pause in thinking. As mentioned within the various comments, other mmo’s have similar reward systems in place … Continue reading

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Bring Back The Night

There has been some rumination upon the Blizzard Forums about the lack of a proper “nighttime” darkness in terms of the worlds environmental flavor and conditions. For those of us who have played long enough, we can remember the days, … Continue reading

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Needed Arms Warrior Changes

The one class in the game that I have always played and have always loved is that of the Arms Warrior. Wielding a massive two handed sword charging into battle is all I ever wanted to do, especially after seeing … Continue reading

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What A Wonderful World of Warcraft

Had a fun week in WoW, but that pretty much always goes without saying. If it isn’t fun, then why play right? This is a season when there should be an abundance of joy, peace and most importantly love. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Likes/Dislikes and The Minfernal Pet

Mop has been out now for quite a while, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect upon the various aspects that I have really enjoyed, as well as those few areas that I am none too … Continue reading

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The Pandas Are Coming!!!!

A very exciting announcement was released yesterday about the next WoW expansion entitled Mists of Pandaria. If you have not heard the news, check out the coverage from MMO Champion, WoW Insider and WoWHead. There is a whole lot of information to take … Continue reading

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