Bring Back The Night

There has been some rumination upon the Blizzard Forums about the lack of a proper “nighttime” darkness in terms of the worlds environmental flavor and conditions. For those of us who have played long enough, we can remember the days, or should I say nights when Azeroth had a definite nighttime.

I can sympathize with those players who sought Blizzard to change the nighttime darkness to basically be similar to the daytime illumination, since these players in other time zones and locations were active while those of us upon a particular server slept.

Yet, in all honesty, I have to say that such a change has marred what has made WoW so rich and appealing in terms of a dynamic gaming environment.

I very much miss and fondly remember Orgimmar at night, for those players who never experienced it, all I can say is that you have missed out upon one of the truly enchanting aspects of what the game once offered.

One could hear the ambient sounds of the coyotes at night, see the warm glow of the torchlights coming from the multitudes of windowpanes and if looking up at the sky, take in the alluring grandeur of the moon shining overhead.

There were some nights when I would ride over to the plains of Mulgore and just sit out amongst the various critters and beasts, looking up at the stars that shone above and take in the simple and magnificent beauty of the game environment.

I for one would very much love that the nighttime environment be brought back in all of its mysterious and haunting beauty. It allows for a much more engaging and alluring gaming environment. At the very least, though it may be somewhat difficult to do so from a technical standpoint, but allow for the players to choose by way of the user graphic interface option to have a proper “nighttime” environment.

Here are some really ancient screenshots that I took years ago “at night” in the game.


Grandpa Palpo At Night2

Kern Flying At Night3

Kern During The Night5

Kern At Night7

Kern Leaping Into the Night2

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