Happy Valentines Day and AV Getting Some Love???!!!!

Kudos to Blizzard!

I learned a few days back that there are changes to AV that are within the current PTR. One of the “unofficial” changes that has been made has to do with the Horde base, whereby the Alliance will no longer be able to jump over our wall!!!!

Holy Moo Moo! Earthmother be praised!

This has been something that I (and my other Horde players) have been asking for years! Ironically my last Kern blog post dealt with changes to AV that would help balance out AV to make it more fait for those of the Horde in taking on the Alliance.

Here are some screenshots of the changes made:

AV PTR Changes 1AV PTR Changes 2 PST AV Changes 3

I am SO excited and pumped up to see these changes being made. Credit is given where credit is due and the Blizzard Dev’s deserve both acknowledgement and recognition for listening to players feedback and implementing changes into the game that are rightly called for.

Thank you!

It means a lot to the player bases to know that the Dev’s do listen to us. I have made mention of the fact in previous posts that the Dev’s really do take player feedback into consideration and adjust the game and game design. I have seen this firsthand by easy of the WoW betas that I have been fortunate enough to participate in throughout the years.

For this expansion I basically have taken a long break from PvPing, following the more “chill” and relaxed vibe of the Panderian culture and way of life. Though I have found myself feeling the call to get back into the fray against the Alliance come Warlords of Draenor!

Lastly, I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentines Day, with plenty of flowers, chocolates and romance! For those of us adventuring within the lands of Azeroth, we have been celebrating the Love Is In The Air holiday. If your like me you have been trying everyday on multiple alts to acquire the Big Love Rocket. I have been trying for this mount for several years now. Perhaps this year will be the one in which you and I finally obtain it!

One of my favorite quest chains within Pandaria involved Riko, a Hozen who is smitten by the Foresaken Rogue Kiryn. If you have not played through the quest chain, especially for those who may play Alliance, make a Horde toon to check out this epic romance unfold!

Just as an aside, Riko even took part within the Siege of Orgimmar so as to not only help defeat Garrosh and help the Horde forces, but to also impress Kiryn! Now that is true love indeed!

Wishing everyone a very “Tom Jones” Valentine/Love Is In The Air!

WoW kweeqpeddlefeet


Riko & Kiryn Love1

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