The Goodness of Gamers

In all my time playing WoW, one statement that I have always said and which I find to be utterly spot on truth in terms of MMO’s is this, “the worst thing about an MMO are the player, while the best thing about an MMO are the players!”. It is truly fascinating to me how WoW really does bring out the worst and best in people, for when people are given a sense of anonymity, where they feel like they can “do” anything without any real repercussions, it very much is a sociological data mine of how people interact with others.

Well, this post for today is one that focuses upon the goodness of others. Before I begin with the narrative, just a simple precursor that I changed the named of the players mentioned, so as to help ensure their privacy.

Some time back, I invited a player named Wendy, who was very amicable and cordial. In time after she had felt at home within the guild, she asked me if it would be alright if I were to let her friend join. She mentioned though that her friend was quite hesitant about becoming a member, for she didn’t have much to offer the guild and worse had some serious health issues that would not afford her much time in playing. For those who are well acquainted with my particular style of guild leadership, I am of the “Laissez-faire” school of thought, meaning let a guild do whatever a guild would like to do. Some guild leaders are very task oriented, others are very struck with rules and directives. I, on the other hand believe that a player plays how best he or she feels fit, so if someone wants to quest, pvp, rp, raid or dance naked on a mailbox who am I to hinder how one wants to spend time playing a game.

So with that notion in mind, I had no problem whatsoever with letting Wendy’s friend into the guild. So lets call Wendy’s friend Julia. I knew that according to what Wendy mentioned to me that Julia was very sickly and oftentimes where weak physically. One of the first things I did when she joined was to really welcome her in, and asked beforehand that those guilds who were on could make an extra grand effort to make her feel right at home. Another thing I did was promote her right up the ranks, so that she would have the highest non officer rank that a guild could have. Normally, when someone enlists within the guild, there is a basic thirty day “trial period”, where I get to see if that player makes for a good match for our particular guild style. Also, it is not until the trial period that a guild has access to the bank and guild repairs. It helps to limit those who join who are seeking to do a quick bank heist and ninja off.

Over time, I would see Julia log on and play for what seemed to me fleeting moments of game play. Always cheerful and upbeat, she always has been kind to those who happened to be log in at the same time. It was several months later that Wendy recounted to me that Julia was in fact living with her, so that she could be there to help assist her with her needs, while making her as comfortable as possible.

Talk about floored. The goodness of gamers indeed! Having to help care for my parents who are now dealing with age related issues, I know from first hand experience just how challenging to say the least helping to support and aid one who has health issues can be. So Wendy is certainly one who exemplifies what it means to be a loyal, devoted friend indeed!

Just to finish off this story, last week Wendy logged on and sent me a tell asking me if I knew anyone that might be able to craft a Vial of the Sands mount. Unfortunately, I did not know of anyone offhand, though I did recall someone in the guild who might know it. The downside was having to wait for when that particular guild might log in and Wendy was really wanting the Sandstone Drake for Julia as soon as possible. Sure enough, I saw one listed on the Auction house for 40,000 gold! Wendy didn’t even flinch at the price and bought it right away. I am lucky if I have a couple thousand gold on me at any one time!

About that time I was talking to one of my in game buddies, lets call him Doug. I was relating to him the whole account of Julia’s health issues and Wendy’s kindness and how she just shelled out 40 k of gold to buy a mount for her friend to enjoy. Doug then asked me if Julia had one of the Mechano-Hog, to which I found out that she didn’t. So what do you think Doug does? Offers to build one and let me have it, so I can give it to Julia!

For those who might be unaware, but the average cost of one of the Hogs on my particular server is around 14k. Yet another example of the goodness of gamers! I took Doug up on his offer, for I knew Julia would absolutely love having a Hog! I offered to gather the mats, in order to replenish the mats he used to craft the mount. So for a couple of days both Wendy and myself were all over Northrend mining and gathering mats.

The big day came, when Wendy was to give Julie both mounts. I happened to be logged in that morning and Wendy asked if I would like to be there when Julia was given her gifts. No way was I going to miss this! So there we were waiting in Dalaran for Julie to log in. What a wondrous surprise awaited her! Sure enough she logged in, and according to Wendy sending me whispers, Julie had no idea as to the two mounts she was soon to get. Wendy told me that Julie was screaming out loud “OMG!!!” and started to cry tears of overwhelming emotions.

Here are some screenshots I took of Wendy, myself and Julia enjoying her cool new mounts!

So just remember, the players that you come across within this virtual world of Azeroth are very real people, with real feelings and real circumstances. I am reminded of the famous quote attributed to Plato (or possibly one Ian Maclaren), ” Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

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3 Responses to The Goodness of Gamers

  1. Kalico says:

    What a beautiful story!

    It’s people like you and yours that made me fall in love with Sisters of Elune. It was the first server where I felt I could actually connect with individuals on a more deeper level than just loot. You know? Actually make friendships.

    I’m certain the kindness shown to Julia will be reciprocated to you guys 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    I was very excited that my lltite miss Wendy was their, she knows me and loves me ( she never did come to Reno to live with me like she said) I cannot tell you what it means to have a sister that loves you with all their heart and would do anything for you as a lltite sister. Carole I know that Wendy and Helen Love is unconditionally(sorry the spelling)We have all been through some hard times. The one thing that I want to say is that Carole is a special sister to me as well as my twin sister and Wendy, the two of them have had a hard time since the time they met (Carole and Helen) However I have seen Helen Cry her eyes out about being mean and the one thing I will say is that she has an illness also, When I talk to her about being mean to the ones that love her. She can only simpley say is that she is sorry. I know both of these women and can only say that they are truley what I think about when I sleep and when I wake in the morning. Carole said to me that she knows how much I love them both and that I only have the best Love for them.I am only saying this because I want everyone to know that all I want is for everyone in this Family to keep peace and love for eachother because we do not know what will happen tomorrow. If we all took a hard long look at what we have right in front of our faces we would see what kind of people we really are. Don’t be hard on eachother, don’t blame eachother just be a family that’s what we need to be at this moment and time. Jimmie and Kids I cannot explain how wonderful and helpful you have been. I cannot imagine what it is like for Joshua, Chloe, Tiffany and CoCo to go through what they have gone through or about to go through, It breakes my heart to hear what is going on. If every one knows Carole is the most out spoken person I know and it is not a bad thing, I love her and everyone in both family’s. Please lets just think positive about Carole and what will make her better, because we Love her with all our hearts. Love you Jimmie, Carole,Joshua,Chloe,Tiffers,and CoCo. Aunt Carrie

  3. Kernhoof says:

    It is with a sad heart that I share with you the news that “Julia” passed away from her battle with cancer. She was a very sweet, gentle and kind hearted individual. My condolences goes out to her family and friends, as well as my thoughts and prayers so as to offer comfort. May “Julia” have an unending joy and peace after her long struggles.

    “Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord
    And let perpetual light shine upon her
    May she rest in peace. Amen.”

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