Rogue: 85!


Late last night, my sneaky, sneaky rogue named Nancia finally reached level 85. While I have been waiting for the MoP expansion I, like many players, have turned to leveling up an alt. It certainly provides a difference experience of game play, for the mechanics of a rogue are quite unlike that of my warrior main toon. One aspect which I find distracting while playing my rogue is that I constantly am looking up at the top of my screen to see how many combo points* I have landed upon my target, rather than watching what is going on within the middle of the fray. I am sure there is an add-on that would greatly reduce my time gazing at the top of the screen counting out how many of the combo points I have, so I will have to look into that, though truth be told, I truly don’t care for add ons.

I certainly do enjoy the sneaky nature of the rogue, for there is something quite comical about seeing the animation of a stealthed, small little goblin slinking about. The other useful skill that my rogue affords me is the ability to unlock all of the looted lockboxes that my various toons have perchance come upon and collected over time. Lastly, the exclusive pick pocking ability is really quite a lucrative endeavor, for the coins amazed from that endeavor really adds up. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy looting the quirky “grey” items that really are quite humorous to find on mobs, much like a Goblins Gentleman’s Magazine.

In terms of leveling, I was fortunate enough to make use of my heirloom gear to help speed through, while questing and going through dungeons. At this point though, now that I am an 85 character, I will primly be pvping in the battlegrounds. Watch out Alliance, Nancia is primed for aiding the Horde in stealth operations!

So if you see a cute, little goblin rogue being sneaky, make sure to wave and watch your purse strings. 😛

* Combo points allows for the rogue to make more powerful use of his or her innate abilities, so the more combo points you have on your target the more range for example you are able to do.

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