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Pets Made Me Do It!!!!!

Disclaimer: You better sit down as you read this post. It happened and I make no apology for it. I blame it on the pets! I went Alliance. I know, I know it shocks me too! I did it for … Continue reading

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Rogue: 85!

“Ding!” Late last night, my sneaky, sneaky rogue named Nancia finally reached level 85. While I have been waiting for the MoP expansion I, like many players, have turned to leveling up an alt. It certainly provides a difference experience … Continue reading

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Ava Got His Thunderfury!!!

My WoW in game buddy Ava finally got his much sought after Thunderfury! He was with me when I went in years ago and had the binding dropped, which enabled me to finally get my own much prized Thunderfury. Here … Continue reading

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We Obtained Guild Rank 25!!!!!

Did ya hear that sound….it was the guild hitting the 25th Guild Rank! DING!!!! I wanted to thank all of the officers and especially all of the guilds for working so hard to allow us to reach Guild Rank 25!!! … Continue reading

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