Ava Got His Thunderfury!!!

My WoW in game buddy Ava finally got his much sought after Thunderfury! He was with me when I went in years ago and had the binding dropped, which enabled me to finally get my own much prized Thunderfury. Here is a link to the classic ‘Vanilla” legendary weapon Thunderfury to give you a better idea of all that is involved with acquiring it in game.

I still recall the first time I ever saw it in game. I was level 60 and in Warsong Gulch. I saw this Alliance Paladin wielding what looked like a one handed surf board that had electrical currents shooting out of it. I remember typing in guild chat at the time just that description and asking if anyone know what the heck that was. One guild responded back with a “OMG…that is THUNDERFURY!!!!” I knew I was in a world of hurt then and sure enough two hits later I was taking a dirt nap.

Well, after that experience, I wanted to get my hands on one of those bad boys as well, though it would literally be years before I could weird my own. The raid guild I was in had a very specific policy in regards to who obtained Thunderfury. The two bindings would go to the Warrior class lead, which I was not. Eventually, the 40 man raid group had both bindings drop and they went to that particular Warrior. Being that I was an officer as well as the secondary Warrior class lead, I was next in line for them, so I was really thrilled as you can imagine. Of course raid guilds being what they are fell apart due to internal arguments, conflicts, backstabbing and all around drama. So much for my hope to get Thunderfury. Oh, that warrior who had both bindings, I saw him in Outlands at one point in Shattrath at one point and he said how he deleted his bindings once the expansion came out and could care less about having Thunderfuy. If fists could go through computer screens he would have been knocked out then and there!

Well, the only way I was going to get my hands on my very own Thunderfury was to farm for it myself. Over the course of a year and a half I would go in with in game friends to help with getting the binding to drop. After a couple of years I finally was lucky enough to have both bindings. My friend Ava was there with me when the last one I needed dropped.  I told him that since he was helping me with obtaining my Thunderfury, that I would happily help him get his in return. We would go into Molten Core every week. After a year and a half, Ava was just going in solo.

Finally, after what had been just as long a time frame as it had taken me, he finally had the other binding which he needed drop. You can imagine how excited and ecstatic he was! So I made sure to get a screenshot of us together in game with are much prized Thunderfury equipped. I am on the right if you couldn’t already tell. So congrats to Ava on his Thunderfury! Just another story that confirms the truth, if you want something bad enough you can get it with hard work, time and a lot of patience!

(I am on the right if you could not tell :p)


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