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When The Burn Out Happens

One phenomenon that plays out every expansion thus far is the “burn out factor” if I can so use that particular terminology. Within the last few months, several longstanding guildies have mentioned within guild chat how they are “bored” of the … Continue reading

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oQueue Add-on A Must!

Some months back, I wrote a post entitled PvP Horde Heaven, where I shared my pvp experiences playing with other like minded Horde by way of an add on called PreformAV. Let me tell you, it was pure, unadulterated Horde … Continue reading

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PvP Horde Heaven

In all my time playing WoW, one of the aspects of gameplay that I have enjoyed the most is the challenge and unpredictability of playing against other live players in PvP. There is nothing so satisfying as playing a warrior … Continue reading

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Old Skool Raid on Ironforge

Here is a vid that my RL friend Cilos made years ago when we went to Ironforge to kick a$$!!!! Before the luxury of having the guild rank 25 spell “Have Group Will Travel“, you only had two option in … Continue reading

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We Saved Baine!!!!!

Just a short while ago the Alliance were attacking Thunder Bluff in hopes to take down our beloved Tauren High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof! One of my senior officers (Lennet) in the guild alerted us in guild chat and immediately we … Continue reading

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