We Saved Baine!!!!!

Just a short while ago the Alliance were attacking Thunder Bluff in hopes to take down our beloved Tauren High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof! One of my senior officers (Lennet) in the guild alerted us in guild chat and immediately we formed a raid group and raced over to the Bluff. The Alliance had Baine outside the Chieftain’s Tent and were slowly bringing him down. I charged one of their healers, who was a Draenei Shaman. Soon, the Alliance were targeting me, which brought forth the inevitable conclusion of my death. However, it was a strategic moved played out on my part to a. buy Baine some time to potentially beat down an Alliance attacker and b. to give the newly formed defensive raid time to arrive and get to taking out the enemy!

After several sacrificial deaths, the battle started to sway in favor of Bain and his defenders! Pretty soon a few more Horde from other guilds came to join in the conflict! The Alliance were now in trouble and their forces were going down fast. I saw Baine wallop one of the last assailants and then run back to his Tent with his health fully restored! We were able to not only route the Alliance, but were successful in ensuring that our beloved Tauren Chieftain outlasted their attack and thus be able to return to watching over His people. It gives me a lot of pride as a guild leader to see ones guild members come to take part in the defense of one of the Horde leaders, especially when our guild carries the very name of our beloved High Chieftain!

For the Horde…

For the Bloodhoof Brigands…

For our High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof!


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