Sneaky Sneaky

One of my long term “goals” in WoW has been to gain the “Insane” Feat of Strength. Crazy I know! Well, those who know me would say I am crazy like a fox, so it is quite fitting! For those who are not aware it is a Feat of Strength achievement where by the player is award the rare title ‘Insane” for having exalted reputations with the Goblin Cartel factions, the Darkmoon Faire (which with the new Darkmoon Faire dailies has made it much easier to get), the Ravenholdt thieves guild and last but not least honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers!

I have been working on this achievement off and on for several years, probably like five years now. I am finally getting close! I rolled a goblin rogue so as to be able to sneak into lower Blackrock dungeon and pick pocket the Heavy Junkbox needed for the reputation turning with the Ravenholdt thieves guild. I figure by next week I should have enough turned in to have Kernhoof exalted with them. It is a slow process indeed, but quite cool to finally be so close to accomplishing one of my “ultra” long term game goals.

Ok…back to being sneaky sneaky…shhhh…(pick pocket)


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