I am a Sucker for Dogs (and My Friend Grizz is Too Cute)

As an animal lover, especially dogs, one quest that I recently came across within the came totally tugged my heart! I was knocking out the daily Tillers, when as I was flying over the farmlands I noticed my mini map had a quest exclamation mark appear. Naturally, I flew down to see what was being offered, only to see a lone and lonely dog sitting there tucked between a rock and a tree, evoking a feeling of sympathy and empathy. You know your a sucker with the realization oh how much a video game virtual world can play upon ones emotional sensibilities and get the very reaction they had hoped for. Not that that is a bad thing, just interesting to note it on a purely unemotional, rational and analytical manner. Looking at that dog on my screen, then clicking to read the quest objective threw out all my cold. logical rational self and allowed my deeply rooted sentimental and solicitous feelings to come to the forefront. So I dutifully sought out the nourishment that he so desperately required, killing the large Skyrange Mushan beasts to acquire twenty Tasty T-Bone for the poor, lost and lonely dog.

Once I completed the quest, I made a new best friend. After “woofing” at me happily, he headed off to my farm, where he now contentedly resides. Blizzard sure knows how to tug my heart strings. I readily admit I am a sucker for that quest. There is a famous saying by Roger Caras that comes to mind as I write this, “dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Well done Blizzard, well done!

Oh, and just for sun, I have to post a pick of my buddy Grizz and his “cute” Pandarian toon as well!

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