Happy Winter Veil

Happy Winter Veil!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! I went to a Christmas party hosted by some friends of mine last weekend and it felt like deja vu, as if there had been no lapse in time whatsoever over the course of the year and I never left the party last year. It was a weird experience, for it was the exact same people attending, in the same locations they were in last year, with those hanging out in the kitchen, out in the backyard and within the front room. Don’t think it was due in part to holiday libations I was enjoying either. I didn’t even have anything to drink up to that point. It just seemed like nothing changed or altered what soever. Time, it seems stood still, and yet we have gone through a while year and are back to celebrating my favorite world holiday within Warcraft, that of Winter Veil!

‘Twas the feast of Great-Winter
And all through the land
All the races were running
With snowballs in hand.

The cooks were all frantic
And for those “in the know”
Swoops and owls were crashing
Like new-fallen snow.

Cookies and eggnog
Were consumed by all
As the snowballs flew freely
And drunks smashed into walls.

May your feast of Great-Winter
Be one merry and bright
And from all here at Blizzard
We wish you a fun night!

I still can fondly recall my first Winter Veil within the game, we had to take on the Grinch, but he was located at a different area, just around the way from where he current is now and he also had a different look or “skin”. It was then that I saw my first land mount that a player was on. It was a Tauren upon his Kodo and everyone within the area who was trying to complete the quest by killing the Grinch had stopped everything and were circled around this one particular player, admiring his spectacularly awesome Kodo mount!

I can recall one Winter Veil where I was particularly “notty”! I amassed a massive collection of snowballs and went into Alteric Valley to pvp, only my true intent was to peg everyone and anyone that I came across once I was at the Alliance “Bridge of Death”. It didn’t matter if it were my fellow Horde or Alliance, everyone was a open target. The thing is, the snowballs had a knock back effect, which as you could imagine caused total havoc to those fighting upon the bridge. Off they plunge below after getting hit! So many players complained on the forums that they eventually removed the knock back effect sadly. It was so much fun to have a snowball fight of epic proportions! I so wish they would restore that feature within the snowballs, for it really added a lot of fun and season flair to pvp, as well as just being playful around the major cities!

It is my wish that all of those who have enjoyed my WoW blog have a very festive Winter Veil and a blessed Christmas and a very peace filled holiday! I am very excited by the coming year for what Blizzard has in store for us! I can’t wait for Warlords of Draenor! I have several writes ups that I have to knock out for the coming year, so come back soon for I will have my next post up possibly later this week if all goes to plan. Until then, watch out for the Abominable Grinch and I hope the Great Winter Father brings you all sorts of wonderful presents under the tree!

The Grinch WoW1




Great-father Winter's ride

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Happy Thanksgiving

Wanting to wish everyone out there and especially those within Azeroth a very blessed and peace filled Thanksgiving!

Wild Turkey1

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Thank You Ghostcrawler

Just read the news that Ghostcrawler, aka Greg Street who is the lead class designer will be leaving Blizzard.

I just wanted to make a simple post wishing him all the best.

I still can recall when he first came onto the scene at Blizzard as the new lead class designer, for he was unlike the previous fellow who held the job. He was much more open to communication and dialogue. It was ironic, for we within he WoW community were not even sure if Ghostcrawler was a he or a she. It wasn’t until at Blizzcon did I and everyone learned that GC was in fact a dude. He even made a opening joke about that, something to the effect of saying, “Yes, it is true, I am a hot female” or thereabout.

I may not have always agreed with the direction or design decisions, but that is always the case. Having played within all of the expansions betas, I do know that my feedback, as well as all of the other beta players was always read, evaluated and taking into consideration. There have been some aspects of the Warrior class talents and design that I would especially focus upon, since my main Kernhoof is a warrior. Over the years, those various ideas and proposals have been incorporated into the class. That tells me that Ghostcrawler and the others who work within the class design group really do listen to players feedback.

I wish Ghostcrawler all the best and would like to thank him for his candor and opening with the WoW community over the years, as well as his dedication to making WoW such an enjoyable game.

I /salute you.



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Blizzcon Rocked Me

For The Horde and For Blizzard!

It has now been a week since I sat within the hollowed halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, attending the seventh Blizzcon. Since then, everyone has been asking me what my thoughts and feelings are in regards to the announcements made about the upcoming expansion, as well as to the vibe that Blizzard gave off over the course of the two days that it was going on.

Having been fortunate enough to have been able to attend all of the past Blizzcons, I would say that it has given me a certain familiarity and underlying awareness as to how this Blizzcon stands in relationships to the previous ones.

First and foremost, I would content that this years Blizzcon was by the the most energetic, enthusiastic and overall encouraging Blizzcon in recent memory. The previous Blizzcon there came across a sense of weariness, defensiveness and an overall lack of energy from the panels. Having said that, I still enjoyed myself greatly and have some great memories from that year. It just seemed that the spark of passion was missing in a broad, overarching sense. It was as if Blizzard was going through the motions per se, so I was actually pleased to learn that there would not be a Blizzcon the following year. That was a smart choice for Blizzard to take, for it allowed them to focus upon their tasks at hand, to continue keep creating and crafting the beloved games that we love and play.

So what about this most recent Blizzcon? The few weeks leading into it, my buddy Matt and I each gave our speculations about where WoW was heading by way of our WoWNewZ podcast. Thursday, after picking up my friends Wisp and Thunder who flew in from Pittsburgh and then getting our Blizzcon tickets discussed over our “traditional” meal over at Denny’s restaurant what we thought Blizzard had in store for us. (As an aside, I had a chicken sandwich, since I have been focused on getting in shape and have lost eighty pounds…so no whole wheat pancakes or waffles this time.)

Friday morning, I woke up at five am, drove down to Anaheim and walked over with Thunder and Wisp to then wait in line for several hours before the doors opened. For those of us who like to sleep in, this might sound like not a whole lot of fun to do, but trust me, it is a lot like sleeping over on the sidewalk in order to watch the New Years Rose Parade in Pasadena. It is all part of the total experience! You never know who you are going to meet, but you know that everyone around, even those who are Alliance, are all friends!

One such Alliance who we struck up a friendly conversation with was with Arixan from Argent Dawn! We were poking fun at the lengths certain individuals were going to get at the very front of the doors. A few had donuts and coffee and made it seem as if they were brining them up to their friends, when in fact it was all just a clever ruse! At some point though, there boxes of donuts being passed through the mass of attendees, to which both Thunder and Arixan partook, I being on my “good behavior” declined, after which Thunder made the joke of saying what if there were poisoned after eating his!

That is one of the great aspects of attending a con, be it a comic, film or gaming con, it really does provide an easy means to make new friends, and so hanging out Friday morning with Arixan was a lot of fun. We were of course talking about all things WoW and Blizzard games, like everyone around us, which made the time pass quickly.

Then, it was time! The doors opened and we were usurer within. Well, more like a sea of bodies cascading within, where once the inner doors of the convention center were open was a mad dash to find the best seats in the main hall where the opening ceremony was to take place.

Sitting there, with Arixan a few people behind us, there was very much a palatable sense of anticipation and feverish buzz. One subtle difference I noticed and mentioned to Thunder was the fact that in all the years past, there was always Blizzard gaming music being played over the hall speakers, where as this year it was more along the lines of dance/trance/electronic genres. I was thinking that this has to be a Blizzards employees personal playlist. There were some cool, groovy songs on his or her collection!

When the founder and president of Blizzard Mike Morhaime came out on stage to do the introductions, the room was electric! He related a simple story of how he was profoundly touched by the unassuming and gentle gesture of a little girl, who came up to him and gave him a hug as a way of saying thank you for the happiness that he and his company have allowed her and so many others to experience.

I have my own Mike Morhaime story that I can share. A few years back, when myself and my friends were leaving the convention, I happened to spy him walking just aways in front of us! I bolted ahead, saying” follow me!” much to the obvious confusion of my friends. ‘Where is Kernhoof leading us now?!” I bet they were saying. Coming up along side Mr. Morhaime, I asked if he might take a moment to sign autographs with us and take a picture. He was so gracious and such a good sport. He took the time to stop and chat with all of us for a bit, his family off to the side. That moment spoke volumes to me about the type of person he is and the character of company that he founded. I am sure he doesn’t recall that particular moment, but for myself and my friends, it made a lasting impression upon us, one that we all cherish.

Rob Pardo was next on stage, relating some of his own thoughts and favorite moments of Warcraft over the years. It really hit me then and there that I have been playing World of Warcraft for nine years now. I still can think back to how excited I was to be within the original beta, it was much like the wonder and excitement of Christmas morning, I still wonder whatever happened to my first WoW in game friend named Wasabi. After the beta ended sadly, we lost contact with one another.

Then Chris Metzen took the stage. One of the past highlights for me at the previous Blizzcon was his “geek out” speech, which would be best summarized as “embrace being a gamer, revel in it and recognize the fact that thee are many other just like you who enjoy computer gaming, comics, fantasy, sci fi and old school, role playing games. We come in all ages, shapes, colors and backgrounds, but we are united by way of common appreciation and passion for the games that we play and enjoy.” I was able to get his and Samwise’s autograph last year, which was so cool to have a moment to shake both their hands and say how much I have approached the story and lore of the game, and how much it had meant to me as a player.

Metzen worked the crowd as only he can. If you have not watched any of the videos of Blizzcon, they are tons posted on YouTube, so after you finish reading this post, so check them out, so as to get a sense of the crowds reaction while he is making the big reveals as to what is next for Warcraft. As I said previously, there was such an energy and a high level of anticipation that I found myself entering into the moment with my own hoots and verbalizations during the “big announcement”. Talk about having a rush!

Oh, before I forget to mention, when they previewed the cinematic for Heroes of The Storm, the place went absolutely bananas! For those who may not be aware, Heroes of The Storm is a new game of Blizzards which will pit all of the various major and much loved characters found throughout all of Blizzards games and pit them against one another. So for example, imagine the Lich King up against Diablo! I don’t want to spoil the ending of the cinematic, suffice to say, it ROCKS!

So what are my thoughts and feelings In terms of the actual announcements made in regards to Warcraft?

I could not be happier!

As I mentioned a moment ago, it is so evidently clear that those working on Warcraft and Blizzard as a whole are really join g for the gusto! They have shown that they are not afraid to make the necessary changes to the game and to my way of thinking are being quite bold in terms of the direction they are taking.

In no particular order, some of the aspects that have me really pumped up about the coming expansion:

Garrisons: I can recall posting about wanting player housing back in 2005, along with a mirdred of others. Over the years, the Blues have said that it is something they would like to have within the game, but only it it were done right. Well, by all intent and purpose, this is player housing done right! I love the ideas that you can have followers who will be able to do professions, dungeons, raids, quests which will help your character, as well as being able to place it anywhere one would like within Draenor. This has been on one of my wish lists for a long time, so to have this finally a reality has made me really pleased.

Bag Space: For anyone who has followed my blog, you know well just how much bag space has been a challenge for me over the years, only to have it reach a critical point this expansion. I have not even played my main Kernhoof very much the last several months, for the simple reason that I do not have any more bag space and will not jettison any more items that I have worked hard to obtain or that are items that are really meaningful and cherished. To learn that heirloom gear, toys and possibly tabards are to all have a similar storage tab akin to the pets and mounts tabs has made me both relieved and ecstatic. I certainly hope that there will be a tabard closet, if not this expansion, then the next, for that would free up eighteen slots alone. So pretty please with Gnomes on top to make that happen!

Speaking of Gnomes, new character models. The preview of the some of the work done thus far looks so impressive. I, along with everyone else within the audience melted when they showed the new rendering and animation of the female Gnome. Absolutely awesome and so adorable! The orcs looks completely fierce, the forsaken look gnarly and the dwarves look as a dwarf should! They did show the Taurens briefly, though not to sound persnickety, I didn’t quite think they looked right to me. The old model looks more fierce and have a bit of grittiness about them. The newer model needs some slight tweaking and adjustment to capture the essence and sublet nuance of the older model.

Out With The Stats: This may seem like more of a “mundane”, under the hood change so to speak, but it will provide a much better and less stressful and confusing element which has hampered players and developers alike. Gone are stats like hit, expertise, dodge and parry. Reforging is also gone. I can’t tell you how often guilds would get a new item, then begin to stress over what has become the complicated process of then adjusting the gear in light of the new upgrade, let alone how much gold was spent to do so. This is such a welcome change and one that I know everyone will be so thankful for once it is in place within the game.

The Overall Story Arc: Having played Warcraft I, II and III, suffice to say that what drew to playing World of Warcraft was the universe and lore. I love the story elements and history of the game, though I am far from being as well informed as say Epic Red Shirt Guy. My contention about Garrosh Hellscream is that the whole mess that we are in currently within the game, has more to do with Thrall’s wrong decision with choosing Garrosh as the Warchief than anything that Garrosh has done per se. I think that this topic is best served as a future post, but suffice to say, I really how the story is being played out that Garrosh escapes imprisonment and goes back to Draenor so as to amass a pure and totally focused Iron Horde, with which to seek revenge and retribution upon the Horde and Alliance.

The Horde: One of the highlights for me was making it to the mic to ask a question at one of the panels. My buddy Thunder somehow manages to be able to get a question off during the Q and A’s after an panel and this year when he said he was going to go up to ask a question, I thought to myself why not join him and see what happens. Well, to my surprise, I got to ask a question, the last question to be asked! The question which I put forth ever so eloquently I might add (totally tongue in cheek here), was about the state of the Horde. Chris Metzen talked about how at the Alliance are now for all intense and purpose a “superpower” while the Horde is in complete disarray and shambles. I asked for a further explanation or to better expound upon the state of the Horde in light of all that has transpired with the ramifications of Garrosh’s defeat and of Vol’jin as our new Warchief. It was answered by none other than Metzen himself, which you can watch allele after the 47 minute mark on the YouTube link at the end of the post.

When I came back home that night, after driving up and logged into WoW to tell my friends and guildies all about Blizzcon, I was flooded with tells from a whole host of folks saying that they saw me while watching the live feed of Blizzcon! What a hoot!

Signatures/Autographs: One of the ‘Traditions” that I would do at ever Blizzcon was to take my program and have the front cover signed by the various Blizzard artists, programers, developers and anyone else who was present at the signing booth that worked upon the various Blizzard games. That has been for me one of the really cool aspects of attending Blizzcon is being able to take a moment and talk with the individuals who are responsible for making one of my hobbies so much fun and so enjoyable.

Sadly, this year, there were no programs to hand out. There was a simple map of the convention floor and an app which was released to take the place of the program. While I can understand and appreciate the cost and environmental cost of there bing no program, I was a bit bummed to not being able to carry on my little tradition. But much to my surprise, Blizzard had something even better in mind. They had little mini posters of their games which they passed out at the various signing booths. I was able to obtain a Diablo and a Hearthstone mini poster and have them signed by the very folks that work on the game. So it was really neat to make my way down the line of the people who worked on the game and spend a moment chit chatting with them. How cool is that!

The icing on the cake though has to be having my Blizzard art book signed by none other than Chris Metzen. Before leaving Friday evening, I happened to take a walk around the floor, where I came across Insight Editions, a book publishing company that published the Blizzard art book I purchased some time back. I stopped a bit and talked with Byron who was manning the booth and he mentioned to make sure to come back tomorrow morning, when Mr. Metzen would be book signing. I was not going to pass up that opportunity, so Saturday, I made sure to drive down early in the morning and stand once again in line with Thunder. Once the doors opened, I made my way back to the book booth, where I had the distinct pleasure of having my book autographed and being able to spend a moment talking with him. Similar to my brief encounter with Mike Morhaime, Chris Metzen is genuine, down to earth and personable. I hope in the future I get the chance to chat with him some more and at greater length. I would love to ask him about some of the D&D adventures he played in.

Obviously there is more that I can write about, but for the sake of brevity I think for now I will end this article and continue it within my next post. Just to finish for now with a final, parting thought was to once more reiterate, not only how much fun I had, but how optimistic I am in terms of where Blizzard is going with Warcraft.


Current Tauren Mode:


Updated, Work-In-Progress Model:


Link: Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer

Link: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Announcement Trailer

Link: Blizzcon 2013 World of Warcraft: The Adventure Continues Panel…I am at the 47:55 Mark)

Diablo Mini-Poster Signed

Hearthstone Mini-Poster Signed 2

WoW Art Book Signed1

Kern Blizzcon2013

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This Week Is Blizzcon!!!

This week is Blizzcon!!!!

I am really excited to be able to attend once more. I have been very fortunately to have been able to attend all of the past Blizzcons over the years, which have always been really enjoyable and a lot of fun to be in the presence of so many fellow Azerothians!

I will see if I can nab some on the spot interviews with Blizzard employees, which I can share via the WoWNewz podcast I do with my good buddy Matt. Of course I all take pics too.

One of the aspects that I enjoy the most besides hearing what the various Blues and Behind the Scenes “Wizards” have to say about Wow, Diablo and Starcraft, is getting my program signed over at the signing booth.

Last year, I was able to snag the autographs of Chris Metzen and Samwise! It was really groovy to have the opportunity to meet them both. One of the fondest memories I have of any of the Blizzcons was listening to Christ Metzen give a talk about Warcraft Lore. It was both really hilarious in terms his stage persona, while at the same time so fascinating about all of the various aspects of the Lore of the Warcraft Universe.

The one year Matt and I went together, I was able to basically run down Mike Morhaime and get his autograph. He was so gracious and such a good sport about taking the time to chit chat with us, it really made a lasting impression on me.

So if you are also going to be attending Blizzcon this year, I will wear my Miami Dolphins hat, so look for me and say hi!

For The Horde!

Blizzcon Sign 4


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Bring Back The Night

There has been some rumination upon the Blizzard Forums about the lack of a proper “nighttime” darkness in terms of the worlds environmental flavor and conditions. For those of us who have played long enough, we can remember the days, or should I say nights when Azeroth had a definite nighttime.

I can sympathize with those players who sought Blizzard to change the nighttime darkness to basically be similar to the daytime illumination, since these players in other time zones and locations were active while those of us upon a particular server slept.

Yet, in all honesty, I have to say that such a change has marred what has made WoW so rich and appealing in terms of a dynamic gaming environment.

I very much miss and fondly remember Orgimmar at night, for those players who never experienced it, all I can say is that you have missed out upon one of the truly enchanting aspects of what the game once offered.

One could hear the ambient sounds of the coyotes at night, see the warm glow of the torchlights coming from the multitudes of windowpanes and if looking up at the sky, take in the alluring grandeur of the moon shining overhead.

There were some nights when I would ride over to the plains of Mulgore and just sit out amongst the various critters and beasts, looking up at the stars that shone above and take in the simple and magnificent beauty of the game environment.

I for one would very much love that the nighttime environment be brought back in all of its mysterious and haunting beauty. It allows for a much more engaging and alluring gaming environment. At the very least, though it may be somewhat difficult to do so from a technical standpoint, but allow for the players to choose by way of the user graphic interface option to have a proper “nighttime” environment.

Here are some really ancient screenshots that I took years ago “at night” in the game.


Grandpa Palpo At Night2

Kern Flying At Night3

Kern During The Night5

Kern At Night7

Kern Leaping Into the Night2

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The Horde has a NEW Warchief


The Horde has a NEW Warchief….


Long Live Vol’jin…For the Horde!!!!!


Vid Link: World of Warcraft Warchief revealed – Siege of Orgrimmar Cinematic

(For those who would like to know more about our new Warchief, here is a good article

Article Link: Vol’jin and Conflicted Loyalties

Change Mon1


WoW Barrens War5


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New Internet Radio Show Dedicated To All Things WoW

Following the fun and the success of doing the Matt and Pat Show (Don’t Listen!), I asked Matt what he thought about doing another show dedicated to all things related to WoW. It has been a game that I have passionately played now since its release way back in November, 2004!

Sure enough, Matt was really excited at the prospect of spending even more time hanging out together jawing about all things WoW and other such Blizzard games.

We have two shows completed thus far, so join us as we talk about anything and everything dedicated to the wonders of Azeroth and of the Warcraft MMO Game.

(Click the image to go to the WoW NewZ homepage)

WoW Podcast

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“Work, Work”

“Work, Work” is one of the often used and ever famous phrases that is spoken from the Orc Peon in Warcraft 3, as well as WoW. That is what I have basically been up to, which is why there has not been a post in a couple of months. I apologize for being remiss, for I very much enjoy writing up these little posts and I know that there is a staunch following of readers who peruse here. I am quite grateful for each and every reader let it go without saying!

As often the case, projects which are still very much “behind the curtain” which I have been working upon are not want to be announced ahead of time per se, in light of the unfortunate event that due to one circumstance or another it never materializes and becomes known as a “vaporware” undertaking.

One project that I can “announce” that I have been doing is an internet radio show apply called “The Matt and Pat Show“. Our motto is Don’t Listen! So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I have been doing a weekly show with my good buddy Matt for a while now and have a blast doing it. The really perplexing thing is that we actually have listeners in over 110 countries now! It boggles my mind!

What has been really enjoyable and super cool about it, is the fast that Matt and I are afforded to meet some really awesome, talented and very groovy people who write, create comics, do amazing art, produce music and work within charity helping others . So go have a listen, you may enjoy it, or not, it is all good!

One aspect that I find really fascinating is how much of a different medium that doing a show such as that is, where by it is more talk on the fly as you go, where as writing is one that for more of a drawn out, thoughtfully crafted approach. Both are really enjoyable to me, for each allows me to approach the subject matter within a different vein and manner.

So long story short, I have been “busy” with “stuff”, but I will be getting back to my regular BB submissions. One thing that I can add, is that I was able to secure Blizz Con tickets, which will mean that I can continue to keep my track record of attending all of the Blizz Cons going! So I will defiantly try to nab some cool pics or maybe even some little impromptu interview when out and about taking in all of the vibes of the con.

Oh! Lest I forget, a very happy Fathers Day to all the dad out there!


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The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

One of the very inherent essence of Warcraft is that it brings people from all different backgrounds, ages, genders, races, religions, and regions of the world. The one primary, singular rule I have within my guild is that everyone treats one another with courtesy and respect. I, for one am not concerned with ones cultural, political, religious or sexual identity per se. My only care is that you “play well” with the others within my guild. It would be utterly preposterous to presume that every person within the guild will be totally chummy chummy with one another, however, I do contend that over time dear friendships and relationships can be forged which can allow for some profoundly deep connections and bonds.

One of my oldest and closest friends in WoW is my buddy Grizz, whom I have known now for eight years. He was originally my guild leader back in the day within the much aberrant and peculiarly bent guild called Dead Tree Cult, which I might add was the first guild on the old Silverhand server back in the day! Interestingly enough, Grizz and I have never even met in person, being that he lives within a whole other far away state, yet I count him as a truly a brother to me in every sense of the meaning.

So when I added this one particular player into the guild earlier in the week and then he /gquit in under seven minutes, my curiosity was piqued as to why. So naturally, I sent him a whisper asking his reason why he left. His answer was one that made me shake my head in disbelief, though I was quite happy to see him depart based upon his reply. You see, before I invited him into the guild, several guildies where having an awesome conversation in Russian! One of my newer members, who I know has a Russian background typed some of her native tongue in guild chat just for fun, at which point another guildie responded excitedly about another knowing his wondrous Slavic language too! Then Grizz got into the fray, being that he is married to the ever winsome Mrs. Grizz, who is originally from Russia. As an aside, whenever she asks Grizz if I am eating, it pretty much is always the case that I am!

Well, with the explosion of Russian within guild chat, I was of course both fascinated and charmed to see the conversation flowing. Some years ago, I was able to visit one of the most ancient cities of the world, Kiev. Talk about grandeur, history and beauty! Well, of course I was exposed to the Russian language and culture of sorts, so seeing the flood of excited guildies banter back and forth with one another was really cool! Unfortunately, this particular new fellow did not have the same appreciation as I. Getting back to what his response was, it was that he served within the military and that he would be damned to have any association with anything Russian and proceeded to tell me how I was un-American.

Ha! Me un-American???!!!

Oh, if he could have heard my guffaw! I proceeded to inform him that not only did Grizz proudly served within the military, but that we additionally have a most cherished guildie who fought within the Vietnam war. Continuing on, I let him know that we moreover, have quite a few who have served, or are serving within the various military branches. Yet, even more salient is the fact that the guildies who were having grand ol’ time speaking in Russian are some of the kindest and warmhearted people in the guild!

How dare he assume (you know what happens when one assumes, make an ass of oneself) to have any semblance of knowledge as to make some sort of judgement upon some individuals, let alone a guild as a whole when one has had less than seven minutes of “interaction” with by way of guild chat. I managed to find a Russian proverb which I think best reflects this little narrative. It states, “everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” I am in no way a braggart, but I will declare without any reservations that my guild, the Bloodhoof Brigands is made up of the finest and most lovable collection of Horde players par any Warcraft server!

If I may offer some Kernhoofian advice, take the time to get to know those within your guild. I bet you will be happily surprised to learn just how much of a good friendship can be forged given the chance. Just step out of your comfort zone, as uncomfortable that may seem and I promise, you will gain way more than you ever thought possible by taking the time to get to know a fellow guildie.

You could have the friendship of a lifetime if you just take that small step to say hello and put yourself out there. Oh, Grizz, tell Mrs. Grizz that I just had some almonds! Nom Nom Nom!

Soft Teddy1


Kern and Grizz PvPing1

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