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Chilling…Blizzcon, & Heroes of the Storm Beta

It has been a a couple of months since I have posted, just been busy with the busyness of being busy. I have logged into WoW to say hi to guildies and to do some daily quests, though due to … Continue reading

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Blizzcon Rocked Me

For The Horde and For Blizzard! It has now been a week since I sat within the hollowed halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, attending the seventh Blizzcon. Since then, everyone has been asking me what my thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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This Week Is Blizzcon!!!

This week is Blizzcon!!!! I am really excited to be able to attend once more. I have been very fortunately to have been able to attend all of the past Blizzcons over the years, which have always been really enjoyable … Continue reading

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