“Work, Work”

“Work, Work” is one of the often used and ever famous phrases that is spoken from the Orc Peon in Warcraft 3, as well as WoW. That is what I have basically been up to, which is why there has not been a post in a couple of months. I apologize for being remiss, for I very much enjoy writing up these little posts and I know that there is a staunch following of readers who peruse here. I am quite grateful for each and every reader let it go without saying!

As often the case, projects which are still very much “behind the curtain” which I have been working upon are not want to be announced ahead of time per se, in light of the unfortunate event that due to one circumstance or another it never materializes and becomes known as a “vaporware” undertaking.

One project that I can “announce” that I have been doing is an internet radio show apply called “The Matt and Pat Show“. Our motto is Don’t Listen! So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I have been doing a weekly show with my good buddy Matt for a while now and have a blast doing it. The really perplexing thing is that we actually have listeners in over 110 countries now! It boggles my mind!

What has been really enjoyable and super cool about it, is the fast that Matt and I are afforded to meet some really awesome, talented and very groovy people who write, create comics, do amazing art, produce music and work within charity helping others . So go have a listen, you may enjoy it, or not, it is all good!

One aspect that I find really fascinating is how much of a different medium that doing a show such as that is, where by it is more talk on the fly as you go, where as writing is one that for more of a drawn out, thoughtfully crafted approach. Both are really enjoyable to me, for each allows me to approach the subject matter within a different vein and manner.

So long story short, I have been “busy” with “stuff”, but I will be getting back to my regular BB submissions. One thing that I can add, is that I was able to secure Blizz Con tickets, which will mean that I can continue to keep my track record of attending all of the Blizz Cons going! So I will defiantly try to nab some cool pics or maybe even some little impromptu interview when out and about taking in all of the vibes of the con.

Oh! Lest I forget, a very happy Fathers Day to all the dad out there!


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