The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

One of the very inherent essence of Warcraft is that it brings people from all different backgrounds, ages, genders, races, religions, and regions of the world. The one primary, singular rule I have within my guild is that everyone treats one another with courtesy and respect. I, for one am not concerned with ones cultural, political, religious or sexual identity per se. My only care is that you “play well” with the others within my guild. It would be utterly preposterous to presume that every person within the guild will be totally chummy chummy with one another, however, I do contend that over time dear friendships and relationships can be forged which can allow for some profoundly deep connections and bonds.

One of my oldest and closest friends in WoW is my buddy Grizz, whom I have known now for eight years. He was originally my guild leader back in the day within the much aberrant and peculiarly bent guild called Dead Tree Cult, which I might add was the first guild on the old Silverhand server back in the day! Interestingly enough, Grizz and I have never even met in person, being that he lives within a whole other far away state, yet I count him as a truly a brother to me in every sense of the meaning.

So when I added this one particular player into the guild earlier in the week and then he /gquit in under seven minutes, my curiosity was piqued as to why. So naturally, I sent him a whisper asking his reason why he left. His answer was one that made me shake my head in disbelief, though I was quite happy to see him depart based upon his reply. You see, before I invited him into the guild, several guildies where having an awesome conversation in Russian! One of my newer members, who I know has a Russian background typed some of her native tongue in guild chat just for fun, at which point another guildie responded excitedly about another knowing his wondrous Slavic language too! Then Grizz got into the fray, being that he is married to the ever winsome Mrs. Grizz, who is originally from Russia. As an aside, whenever she asks Grizz if I am eating, it pretty much is always the case that I am!

Well, with the explosion of Russian within guild chat, I was of course both fascinated and charmed to see the conversation flowing. Some years ago, I was able to visit one of the most ancient cities of the world, Kiev. Talk about grandeur, history and beauty! Well, of course I was exposed to the Russian language and culture of sorts, so seeing the flood of excited guildies banter back and forth with one another was really cool! Unfortunately, this particular new fellow did not have the same appreciation as I. Getting back to what his response was, it was that he served within the military and that he would be damned to have any association with anything Russian and proceeded to tell me how I was un-American.

Ha! Me un-American???!!!

Oh, if he could have heard my guffaw! I proceeded to inform him that not only did Grizz proudly served within the military, but that we additionally have a most cherished guildie who fought within the Vietnam war. Continuing on, I let him know that we moreover, have quite a few who have served, or are serving within the various military branches. Yet, even more salient is the fact that the guildies who were having grand ol’ time speaking in Russian are some of the kindest and warmhearted people in the guild!

How dare he assume (you know what happens when one assumes, make an ass of oneself) to have any semblance of knowledge as to make some sort of judgement upon some individuals, let alone a guild as a whole when one has had less than seven minutes of “interaction” with by way of guild chat. I managed to find a Russian proverb which I think best reflects this little narrative. It states, “everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” I am in no way a braggart, but I will declare without any reservations that my guild, the Bloodhoof Brigands is made up of the finest and most lovable collection of Horde players par any Warcraft server!

If I may offer some Kernhoofian advice, take the time to get to know those within your guild. I bet you will be happily surprised to learn just how much of a good friendship can be forged given the chance. Just step out of your comfort zone, as uncomfortable that may seem and I promise, you will gain way more than you ever thought possible by taking the time to get to know a fellow guildie.

You could have the friendship of a lifetime if you just take that small step to say hello and put yourself out there. Oh, Grizz, tell Mrs. Grizz that I just had some almonds! Nom Nom Nom!

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Kern and Grizz PvPing1

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3 Responses to The Russians Are Coming!

  1. Grizz says:

    My brotha from anotha mutha, much McLovin! Oh and Mrs.Grizz is in no way shocked that you just ate something! lol

  2. С новым годом и с наступающим Рождеством ! 🙂

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