Thank You Ghostcrawler

Just read the news that Ghostcrawler, aka Greg Street who is the lead class designer will be leaving Blizzard.

I just wanted to make a simple post wishing him all the best.

I still can recall when he first came onto the scene at Blizzard as the new lead class designer, for he was unlike the previous fellow who held the job. He was much more open to communication and dialogue. It was ironic, for we within he WoW community were not even sure if Ghostcrawler was a he or a she. It wasn’t until at Blizzcon did I and everyone learned that GC was in fact a dude. He even made a opening joke about that, something to the effect of saying, “Yes, it is true, I am a hot female” or thereabout.

I may not have always agreed with the direction or design decisions, but that is always the case. Having played within all of the expansions betas, I do know that my feedback, as well as all of the other beta players was always read, evaluated and taking into consideration. There have been some aspects of the Warrior class talents and design that I would especially focus upon, since my main Kernhoof is a warrior. Over the years, those various ideas and proposals have been incorporated into the class. That tells me that Ghostcrawler and the others who work within the class design group really do listen to players feedback.

I wish Ghostcrawler all the best and would like to thank him for his candor and opening with the WoW community over the years, as well as his dedication to making WoW such an enjoyable game.

I /salute you.



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