I’m Salty!!!!


After years and I do indeed mean years, I finally won one of the fishing contests! With that accomplishment, I was not only award the Master Angler of Azeroth, which means I was the winner of the fishing contest, but with that I was able to complete the Meta achievement of Accomplished Angler, which is the completion all of the various fishing achievements which award the awesome title “Salty”! This is no small feat let me tell you!

As I mentioned, I have been trying for this achievement of winning the contest literally for years. A few months ago, I actually had victory within my graph only to be “robbed” of the sweet smell (raw fish) of victory when I looted the Blacktip Shark. It took a moment for me to realize that I had in fact fished up the ever elusive fishy! I clicked on my Etched Ring of the Kirin Tor, which ported me back to the inn where by I flew to Elder Clearwater to turn it in. The sole obstacle to completing the quest was that my loading screen was taking forever to load! I definitely need a faster computer. All the while I was saying the mantra of every raider, “go go go go go go go”! The load screen finally had me at the inn, where by I jumped on my flying mount and raced to turn it on, clicking on the quest to complete only to have another player click it a second before me which allowed him to snatch certain victory from me! I was crushed to say the least!

But fear not!

This story has a happy ending (especially since I already mentioned that I won)! Last Saturday, after a few guilds mentioned that they were going to try the contest, I thought to myself why not make another go at it. the sting of defeat was gone at this point. So I flew to Northrend and started to fish when the contest began. Time passed and with each minute going by I was thinking that my chances of fishing of the Blacktip Shark was lessing. It really is the luck of the draw so to speak. With resolve, I pressed on with my flick of the mouse, virtually casting my fishing pole into the swirling waters of the Pygmy Suckerfish pools. When all of a sudden there it was! The Blacktip Shark was within my bag again for the second time!

My mind raced and my hands shook with adrenaline! Clicking my magical transportation ring, the dreaded loading screen appeared. Fortunately, this time it did not take as long for the game to load into Dalaran, for I made sure that all other programers where not running on my computer! With my right hand shaking uncontrollably due to the adrenaline coursing through my body, I flew to kindly old Tuskar, only to click on the wrong person! Oh no! If i lost this fishing conquest again because I had inadvertently clicked on the wrong npc I would be completely abashed!

Quickly turning to Elder Clearwater, I clicked him without a moment to lose and then clicked upon the quest reward of the Boots of the Bay. With that I was declared the winner throughout the region! My hands were still shaking. What was really cool was receiving tells form the other Horde players who were also attempting to win the contest congratulating me. Now that is true sportsmanship! So what is the moral of this shark of a tale? To never give up and to keep making a go of it, for one day you just may find yourself the winner!

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