The Shakes

One thing that I noticed not too long ago is that I started to have the “Shakes” under certain situations, such as when I would use my hearthstone and hearth into the inn or better yet, when I would fly! While flying on any of my flying mounts, about every ten to fifteen seconds, I would start to ‘Shake” like I was having withdrawals! I contacted a GM about this possible “bug” I found and the kind GM advice was to remove all add-ons, toss the WFT file and empty the Cache. I did all of those things to no avail. Then I was talking with a buddy in Vent and mentioned how the Haunted Memento now will cause a player the “fear” emote. I was like Eureka! So that is what has been causing my “shakes”! So if you see me in game and I am shaking and baking, it is not from withdrawals of hitting the Thunder Bluff peace pipe too often, it is just the little friendly ghost who is haunting me in game.

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