Happy Noblegarden

Happy Noblegarden! It is that time of year where players get to hunt for Brightly Colored Eggs that are are to be found around Horde and Alliance low level villages. If your lucky, you can find a fun or cool item within one of the eggs, like some nice rp clothing, a cute rabbit non combat pet, or new to this year a cool mount! You can also collect enough Noblegarden Chocolate to also purchase all of the cool items as well. Funny enough, I was well on my way to gaining the 500 chocolates needed to purchase my Swift Springstrider mount, when with 491 chocolates it dropped! I have pretty good luck, it just comes into play at humorous times! While I love the fact that Bliz added a new mount for players to gain, the poor fella looks like he has had his feathers plucked out!

One thing about Noblegarden is that while it is meant to be a fun WoW holiday, one that helps to build a closer community among players through a fun event, it can unfortunately bring out the worst in people. With everyone frantically rushing around for the hidden colored eggs, in order to gain the various items available for the WoW holiday, there are of course some players that take the fun out of the egg hunt. Unfortunately, some players are very ruthless or downright mean when vibing to get their “quota” of the colored eggs. I actually put one player on ignore because she (or he) was so rude.

I did manage to make some new in game friends while “hopping” around looking for eggs to collect. A kind word, friendly wave or even just saying “sorry” if you accidentally clicked on someone else’s colored eggs goes a long way to help ease a players stress level and helps to remind players that ultimately it is all meant to be a fun experience!

I still remember the first year Blizz added Noblegarden. It was just for a single day, which of course was on an Easter Sunday. The colored eggs were hidden around the actual zones, rather than a particular village. So I was on my Kodo mount riding through Mulgore looking for hidden eggs. There was not a single other player who was partaking in the adventure. People in guild chat were asking me what int he world I was doing and I of course responded collecting chocolate! There were no achievements, nor unique clothing, pets or mounts available, just chocolate and the fun of finding hidden colored eggs. Those few of us who participated in the Old Skool Noblegarden did it for love of the hunt!

So I hope this Noblegarden is one filled with lots of fun. I even was able to take out an Alliance who happened to want to steal some of our colored eggs!


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