Why I Need Bigger Bags

Last night I was in a raid with a couple of my WoW friends and over Vent they were poking fun at the fact that I only have five open bag slot left. I promised them that I would make a post this morning to include screenshots of all of my “stuff”. Here they are! You can get a good idea of what I have within my personal bags, bank and void storage. It goes without saying that I sure hope we get like 28 slot bags and higher in the expansion, or an additional bag slot in our personal bank. What I really would love to have implemented is the tabard closet. The tabards I have on me are ones that the special tabard vendor can not replace if I were to “delete” those particular tabards. That alone would free up around twenty slots for me.

Between my weapons and armor sets, quest items, world event clothing and items, archeology finds and other such knick knacks that I have collected over the course of seven years, I really need to have more bag space. All of these items are soul bound to me (except for four items I believe…can you find them?), so I can’t send them off to my personal banker to hold onto. My personal bank is filled with all of my non soulbound items that I want to keep, such as the grey “armor sets”, rp items or funny objects. I even keep all of the distinct in game letters sent to Kernhoof that I have received from certain npcs as mementos for special events, quest and raids that award certain items within the mail!

Yes, I am a Hoarder (a Horde Hoarder you might say), I recognize that fact. However, all of the items that I have mean something to me, some have sentimental value of “good times” times one since passed. A lot of hard work and time have been put into acquiring many of these items, so for me these items which are in reality just a graphic pixel, do retain an inherent value or meaning to me.

Believe it or not, there are items that I have “deleted” to make space, that I wish I never had. Who remembers the “old skool” AV? How I wish we could have a special server just for being able to go back and play old AV. I would be there in a heartbeat! Well, one of the items that I deleted long ago that I miss was the Severed Night Elf Head¬†and the Dwarf Spine! It was great fun to link those items in guild chat back in the day! One of my in game friends still has his! One of these days I will write about my beloved Goblin Smasher, as an example of a favorite item of mine. It will make for a good story!

So as I await for the expansion with much excited anticipation, I have my fingers crossed for bigger bags, an additional bank slot and a tabard closest! I can hope right!


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