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When Kern Goes Bad

Sometimes it happens. You don’t mean it to, but it does. You feel truly sorry for the pain inflicted and the mayhem caused. But what can one do? You get “mind controlled” and BAM, you’ve gone bad! It’s not your … Continue reading

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Rogue: 85!

“Ding!” Late last night, my sneaky, sneaky rogue named Nancia finally reached level 85. While I have been waiting for the MoP expansion I, like many players, have turned to leveling up an alt. It certainly provides a difference experience … Continue reading

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The Goodness of Gamers

In all my time playing WoW, one statement that I have always said and which I find to be utterly spot on truth in terms of MMO’s is this, “the worst thing about an MMO are the player, while the … Continue reading

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MOP Beta: Warrior Class Thoughts and Then Some

With each new beta build that is released, Mists of Panderia is coming along swimmingly. I certainly am looking forward to this expansion, for my hope is that it will give WoW the much needed shot in the arm that … Continue reading

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Old Skool Raid on Ironforge

Here is a vid that my RL friend Cilos made years ago when we went to Ironforge to kick a$$!!!! Before the luxury of having the guild rank 25 spell “Have Group Will Travel“, you only had two option in … Continue reading

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Happy Noblegarden

Happy Noblegarden! It is that time of year where players get to hunt for Brightly Colored Eggs that are are to be found around Horde and Alliance low level villages. If your lucky, you can find a fun or cool … Continue reading

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Funny and True! WoW Machinima Vid: Mists of Pandaria Beta is Not a Joke

Crendor, who is one of my favorite makers WoW machinima videos has released another one. What I enjoy so much about his vids is that they really do capture the essence of many of the flavor and characteristics of players … Continue reading

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Screenshots of The Jade Forrest

As I have been traveling around the starting zone of the Jade Forrest, I have been taking screen shots of different locations and environmental landscapes which I thought were not only aesthetically pleasing, but way super cool too! Here are … Continue reading

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MoP Beta Warrior Class Impressions

Having been fortunate enough to be chosen to be one of the first to try the MoP beta, I have to say that I am very excited! I was able to take part in every beta thus far, starting with … Continue reading

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Why I Need Bigger Bags

Last night I was in a raid with a couple of my WoW friends and over Vent they were poking fun at the fact that I only have five open bag slot left. I promised them that I would make … Continue reading

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